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Customer reviews

Just jumped on the Razorthin train today for the first time! Got 6 bottles to try out, and the first test was the Shortcake flavor, and all I can say is DELICIOUS! Not only does it taste amazing, but the health benefits it provides are just as great! You've definitely hit a home run with product. Razorthin, for the WIN!

Troy Dearmon

First of all I would like to say that the customer service is beyond amazing 😍. I ordered a variety of flavors of the sea moss drinks and I must say that every flavor was delicious not to mention high quality as well as fast shipping. I'll most definitely be ordering more as well as trying new flavors soon. I give RazorThin a 10/10 and highly recommend them for all your sea moss needs 🥰


Listen! You can’t go wrong with these products! The energy and sea moss drinks are a plus to add to your day! Don’t miss out‼️😁🔥♥️ This brand truly wants you to reach your wellness goals and #BeWell. 🌼

April Jackson

I highly recommend RazorThin. Their products are absolutely amazing and works very well with whatever goals you are wanting to achieve. The flavors are really good!! 🥰🥰

Courtney McInnis

Highly recommend the flavors are sooo good and this gives you so much feel good energy… I have been so sluggish for some years now but finding something that made me want to get up and go and work out is amazing 😍😍😍

Candice Dennis

My energy level was out of site This Anytime energy drink not only gets you through the day it’s freaking delicious I love all his flavors and the best part about it it’s a natural nutritional supplement healthy drink🥰 Razorthin for the win 💪🏽

Teesha Heaven

Facebook that Sea Moss is the truth... I've been dealing with a headache for 2 weeks, I drunk 1 sea moss smoothie and that headache is goneeeeee & it's been 2 days & its still gone...I totally recommend sea moss & all these wellness products. I have used them all & love the results. #razorthinforthewin

Kersheil Buckley

I love the taste not to much of 1 thing very well gave me energy without a crash..I didn't even have to drink the whole 32oz to feel it working....I travel alot and its better then coffee or reg energy drinks!!!!!!Great product and so many favors to choose from ❤

Tavonia Henderson